Pant Fittings - 1

Technic for the cat whiskers at the crotch 

Hello my dear readers, welcome back to my blog.  Today I bring to you a tutorial that maybe some of you will find it interesting and some others will be shocked to find out that for years we have been wearing pants with fitting issues.  
The picture below will show you one very annoying fitting issue that is very common to see around and definitely it is the one with which I struggle the most.
I want to make a salvation; Jeans are very different pants and in the whole pant styles library, Jeans get the most forgiving rules about fitting. 

Q:   Reason for this cat whiskers in the pants? 

A:  women that have athletic legs which means the quadriceps are protuberant or some just call it protuberant thighs are most likely to have this issue.
Also another reason why some of us happen to have this problem, is simple because the industry make the same pant pattern for thousands of women all with different body shapes and we can not expect all of us to have the same issues. We are all perfect in different shapes but with the same type of pant. That is why I like to make my own clothes.

How to solve this issue

In the picture above and below you will find a guide of exactly what to do.

  1. Fitting under the crotch is difficult, so you can slash pant along creaseline at the upper thigh and just in one leg.  
  2. Gently  tug pant leg to allow the slash to open.
  3. measure the open space.
  4. add half of the measured amount to each inseam and blend to the knee.

Do you notice any difference in my pants after the slash in the leg?  That was exactly my problem and I was very happy to have it fixed.  Now I will continue my journey in my pants making and very soon I can bring to you a couple of patterns that you can work with and that will make your life easier to make corrections, Right now I am working on it when I have the time to entertain myself. 

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God Bless you xxoo!

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