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Me Made Bermuda Pants

Today's fit pant  Hello my dear friends, I have been working for months in a hard technique: Fitting Pants;  And although I have plenty of material and books to work on it, most of my books are in a storage unit until probably the end of January when we will be moving into our new house, however, I am not a person that like waiting to much for my projects so I took a class or two in my favorite platform Craftsy ( this is not a paid propaganda at all, I truly recommend it) and here is my result, I am very pleased with it and I will explain why!

TIPS! I took the class Pant fitting Techniques with Sandra Betzina which includes the pattern V2948 Easy fitting the Palmer/pletch way with Patty Palmer and Mellissa Watson, also includes the pattern M6901fabric for this bermuda pants is 6oz Denim (non stretch)  from Jo Ann fabric store

My twin sister asked me why the pants are not tight? well, the result I wanted is to fix the pattern to make elegant, dressy and comfortable pants.  A woman …

My Cowl Neck and Open Back Dress

My Vogue 1531 Hello my dear readers, this time I am bringing a review of the vogue pattern V1531 by the designer Julia Alarcon from the McCall pattern company.   Let's first start by saying that this dress is an eye catcher and I am not kidding.  I felt like the bright star of the night in every hall that I walked in my last trip with my family, if you are trying to get somebody's attention, I highly recommend this pattern. To make this dress I didn't make any changes to the dress at all, I really love the fact that it snuggles my body and I still don't feel embarrass about it (  I have to much time needing to exercise but I don't have time, I don't have space and let me say I just miss Florida where I could do it at any time and anywhere). I love the cowl neck, it is like a dress with an accessory included and that is a plus for me.
Fabric: navy crepe suiting Fabric store: Jo Ann fabric Store pattern: Vogue 1531

 I love the back opening and besides it doesn'…

favorite of 2017

People Favorites Hello my amazing readers, I wanted to share with you guys the favorite 9 projects of last year 2017 that everyone liked the most, I am already working in some projects that I need and that I hope fulfill my expectations.  I wanted to tell you that I had a good year and it makes me so happy to have all you reading my blog and leaving your comments in my social media.  You all are a great source of motivation that keeps this woman smiling, thank you! I wish you an new year full of blessings, love and happiness!