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Bedding Set For my Son

The Quilt Hello my dear friends and readers, finally I am back at my Blog after some months of only appearing in the Julie Harris Creations Facebook and in the Instagram account; The reason behind all that is because finally we got to moved to our new house and organizing and putting everything in place, just me and a 4 years old toddler is a lot. So here we are! making the new bed decor for my son, which I have managed to make it myself ever since he was born and now that he is a toddler was time for a new face and bigger bed.  
I have to tell you this is my first Quilt ever so in the pictures below, I hope you enjoy my experience, the result of my hard work and also some tips and sources that made all this possible.
As usual the information:
size of the quilt: full Dr Seuss fabric: JoAnn Stores blue and red fabric: JoAnn Stores  batting for a quilt: warm and white full size spray adhesive brand :  spray and bond

My mitered corners I learned it from a class I took with Eileen Roche in C…