Bias Tape

Bias tape to Finish necklines and sleeve Hems

I have some joy making this top with McCall's pattern M7323, because it has a style clean and simple that allows  me the pleasure to play with my fabric and its different prints.

to finish the neckline and the sleeve hems, I decide to add some bias tape that I did myself from a left over fabric in my stash, instead of just folding the hem.

How I do my bias tape

first, the bias tape it is a strip as wide as you need It but it needs to be cut in a 45 degree angle.  If you have not much Idea, some of my pictures will help.

For example in the picture to the left, I have a square of fabric, it doesn't matter at this point where is the length wise because we are going to need a 45 degree angle.
so we are going to make it happen!

Here It is!
to remember some basic math, if you draw an arrow from the center to the top of the fabric square, it is a 0 degree. +
drawing another arrow from the center at the + right side of the square, you will have 90 degree angle.
So the corner at top right will be our 45 degree angle, as I show you in the picture.

As I cut my bias tape, I want to show you in the pictures what is the deal with the bias tape.

Here we can see that if I try to stretch the fabric in the wide side, The fabric won't stretch at all.

Now lets appreciate the significant stretch you get if you pull in the 45 degree angle.
Not only you get some stretch, but the bias tape also allows you to move your fabric in directions and circular ways without making gaps or being stiff.

Now it is important how to sew the ends of the stripe.

 Try to cut both ends in the same degree, because if you cut it straight like an I, you will end having gaps, so it is better to keep it in an angle (/).

To sew you need to match one end to the other leaving the tails of the angle out.
you will find an example in the picture below!

Don't be afraid of sewing the stripe in the 45 degree angle, because it will work! now you only have to sew the closed stripe to your hem or neckline.

This is my finished shirt, I used the McCall's pattern M7323.

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God Bless You!

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