Less Boring Tops

Me Made M6963

Hello my dear friends, today in my blog the example of less boring shirts and more casual outfits.

Today I bring to you the pattern made by Palmer Pletsch M6963 in McCall's Pattern Company, I must say that it is not a very tight fit, it is quite loose the main reason why I chose to make this pattern but also the necklace make it very casual and sophisticated. 

I love making tops and the main reason is because usually I wear lot of pants, so I need something that brings out my creativity and reminds me of what I am capable of with my talent. I would love to make more skirts and that is a future goal but by now that I expend 90% of my day running after my son, biking and flipping ourselves around, I think it is best if I can keep my butt covered ☺☺☺.

Fabric : knit floral bouquet 

Fabric Store: fabric.com

Pattern: M6963 

I have years buying from this store, this is not sponsored commercial but I wanted you to know that it is a place you can trust.

I would love to make this pattern again, however it is not the best for my wide shoulders, but it is a need to have such a top for the date night with my husband or for those moments that I don't  to look so dull.  I am looking forward to make more tops and bring my reviews to you guys.

Thank you for coming back to my blog and enjoy my posts, I will be back soon. 

God Bless You All!

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