Little Black Dress

 Outfit for any occasion!

Hello my dear friends, today I have the pleasure to bring my new black dress that finally I could incorporate into my wardrobe.   It is such a need to have a black casual attire; And during the month November of 2017 I had to get in my closet, give away garments that didn't fit me any more and those that I really don't wear.  So after such a hard task, I made a list of things that I need and the black dress was top #1.  

Information  about the dress

from McCall M6920, which I love and I plan on sewing it again. I made the version D without sleeves.

the fabric: 
is a beautiful black scuba knit, also it is a medium weight. 


I hope you all like my post, you will find the links of the pattern and fabric above in information. 
I will be back soon with new projects, Until then
 God Bless you!  xxoo

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