Little pijama pants!

Today my creation was pants for my little guy!

Pants are a practical and always needed garment for little boys, whether they go to play, to bed, to the beach or to a party.
With a nice simple pant pattern you can make pajamas, jeans, short, trouser or whatever you have in mind!
Boys and girls share the same pants pattern from size 3 months until size 5T, because girls don't have major changes in their body yet. So if you are looking for patterns to buy, keep that in mind.

Tips for good fitting pants:

1.It is important to true your pants to make sure you are going to match everything in place, not having one side short and the other long.
- put front crotch and back crotch together, making sure the lay straight flat like in the picture ---- trying to avoing looking like a mountain when you gather them.

2. you want to put the hip sides together and make sure the knee lines match in distance and the hem line as well, go ahead and make notches so you can find them when sewing making your life easier.

3. measure the crotcch length to make sure it is not going to be to short on the little person. also measure the hip lines multiply it x4  and compare to the measurement on the little person to make sure it is not going to be tight or too big, so you can make adjustments to your pattern.  Do the same with the waist line.

4. If making adjustments to the hip lines and waist to make the pants either bigger or fitter, add or reduce in the side area and avoid the center back and center front.

Here is a Happy boy with new pants!

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