pant pattern

Measurements needed: the measurements here are an example for size 2T

waist to ankle: 17 1/2" for example
crotch depth: 6 "
hip arc plus 1/2 inch: 6"
waist arc plus 1/2 inch: 5"
upper thigh: 11"
foot entry: 11"

Figure 1

A-B  pant length   = 17 1/2"
A-C crotch depth plus 3"/4"  = 6 3/4"
crotch depth is the difference between
inseam and outseam.
A-D one half of A-C  = 3 3/8"
B-E  one half of B-C mark plus 1"= 5 3/8"
C-F  back hip = 6"
F-H  one half of C-F mark  =3" back crotch ext
C-I   front hip arc =6"
I-K one fourth of C-I mark = 1 1/2" front crotch ext

Figure 2

G-X  enter from G 1/2"and up 1/4"
draw a straight line from X to crotch level,
touching hip level.  Draw crotch curve from H to K,
to hip level.
A-L waist line enter 1/8" draw line from X to L
A-M waist line enter 3/8" draw hip line from M to D.
draw straight line from J to hip line and draw a curve line
for crotch from hip to K.
H-N  one half of H-C less 1/8" mark
K-O one half of K-C less 1/8" mark
N and O are grainlines, also at the base of the pants
N and O Lines are marks to make foot entry in equal measurements.

Now you are free to make this pattern in shorts, add pockets, add a waist band or simply put an elastic band.

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Thank you and God Bless you!

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