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pant pattern

Measurements needed: the measurements here are an example for size 2T

waist to ankle: 17 1/2" for example
crotch depth: 6 "
hip arc plus 1/2 inch: 6"
waist arc plus 1/2 inch: 5"
upper thigh: 11"
foot entry: 11"

Figure 1

A-B  pant length   = 17 1/2"
A-C crotch depth plus 3"/4"  = 6 3/4"
crotch depth is the difference between
inseam and outseam.
A-D one half of A-C  = 3 3/8"
B-E  one half of B-C mark plus 1"= 5 3/8"
C-F  back hip = 6"
F-H  one half of C-F mark  =3" back crotch ext
C-I   front hip arc =6"
I-K one fourth of C-I mark = 1 1/2" front crotch ext

Figure 2

G-X  enter from G 1/2"and up 1/4"
draw a straight line from X to crotch level,
touching hip level.  Draw crotch curve from H to K,
to hip level.
A-L waist line enter 1/8" draw line from X to L
A-M waist line enter 3/8" draw hip line from M to D.
draw straight line from J to hip line and draw a curve line
for crotch from hip to K.
H-N  one half of H-C less 1/8" mark
K-O one half of K-C less 1/8" mark
N and O are grainlines, also at the base of the pants
N and O Lines are marks to make foot entry in equal measurements.

Now you are free to make this pattern in shorts, add pockets, add a waist band or simply put an elastic band.

If you guys have any question, please dont hesitate in contact me at my email here in the blog.
also dont forget to share this tutorial in facebook and pinterest>

Thank you and God Bless you!


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