sewing a swimsuit!!

Tips for a perfect seam in a swimsuit

Hello friends, I am so very happy to bring to you these tips about sewing a swimsuit.  why? well, I tried to created my own swimsuit with my own pattern and even though, I was succesfull in my pattern making, my sewing was not.  So I tried to create a nother swimsuit from a pattern that I have been craving ever since I saw it in the book of Vogue patterns (V9192).
The pattern looks amazing, and I really liked. however I did make some changes in the crotch area because I like more a bikiny type than swimshorts from the 80"s.

My tips for a succesful seam are the following: these are not written in the pattern notes.

It is very important to use elastic for swimsuits, the clear one. Do not use the white because it will make your sewing like a flower. 

  1. attached your elastic with a 3.5 wide and  a 2.5 long zig zag. 
  2. when sewing your elastic band to the edge of the fabric, sew it closer to the left side of your elastic  or to the part closer to the big piece of the fabric. Dont sew it close to the edge, it is what I am trying to say.
  3. when turning your seam that has the elastic sewn to the fabric, try to sew it also from the middle of the elastic to the inside area of the fabric, avoid the edge at all.
  4. try to use pins to help yourself sewing the elastic band to the points of strech, this help to have equal stretch in all your spots.
  5. buy a fabric for swimwear with strech in 4 ways, I really suggest this one more than a jersey because it is clorox resistant, and it has more stretch.
  6. use a stretch needle, it is different from the ball point.
Honestly, I am giving you my best advice here, because I wished, I have found all these tips when I created my first swimsuit.
On the right there is a picture to compare the seam of my second swimsuit with the bikiny I create without the knowledge of all these tips. 

I bought my fabric at JoAnn in $19 dollars the yard. and so the lining in $6.00 dollars.
I also bought my threads and clear elastic.

I will post here my links to get the same matterials if you dont have a JoAnn store close to you.

On the right is the picture of the clear elastic, hopefully you can see it.  That one is my favorite to work on a swimsuit and I am very confident you can find it in any store.

This is all by now;  if it is God's will, I will be making another post very soon.
God Bless you and enjoy the tips!

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