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Hello friends, I have been working on a top that I would like to wear in my third year of mother's day, but I was a little worried if I was going to finished on time because I have a little guy and definitely all my attention is form him. I feel so happy when he takes his evening nap and I can work on a project and write about it in my blog.
the pattern I have been working is the McCall 7162, it is easy to do but the fabric I chose was not the easiest. (challis)

would you believe me if I tell you how much I thought about making this top?! usually I like to work with the vogue patterns because I don't have to make so many changes, but this time I took it as a challenge and I decided to write a post to help others out there with my tips. 

+ the first thing you need to do to work with a commercial pattern and make sure that you are not going to be working in something that would end up needing to many changes is: take your measurements for a top you usually need the measurement of your bust and waist.  so you can find out in the envelope of your pattern, which is your size.

+ the fact that you already know your measurements  and realize that you are size 14 for example,  it doesn't mean that the top is going to be a close fit as it looks in the picture; So for a close fit you need to take your breast and waist measurements and divide it by 4.
why 4? because the patterns has 2 fronts and 2 backs even if it says on fold.

+ example: I am a size 14, my breast is 36" and my waist is 28" so if I divide my breast measurement by 4 is 9'. so I expect my pattern to have 9'to 9 1/4" in the bust line, so I wont look like I have the shirt of somebody else. if my pattern happens to have more than 9 1/4" in each side of the pattern, it would be more than 1"ease in the total bust line, so it will look like a blouse with a lot of gap in it.

In the following picture, I show you my bust line in the horizontal red line.  I was finding out how much ease my size 14 had. After measuring, I realize that the measurements with ease and seam allowance for me was the size 12.

the horizontal red line goes from center front to the under arm, I leave the seam allowance of 5/8"for the pattern and is there where I came to the conclusion of needing to work in the size 12.

following these tips that I am giving you, are going to save you plenty of time sewing that could end up being reaped and working in the smaller size. so I really suggest to:
  • take your measurements.
  • find out which is your size in the pattern.
  • divide your measurement by 4
  • measure the pattern in your size to know how much ease has and don't include the seam allowance. 
  • by last, just decide what size will be the best for you and your project. 

These tips are ideal for those who are looking for a close fit top, but if what you desire if a bigger ease in your top, you equally need to measure, divide by 4 and add the ease needed.

I really hope that my tips are helping some of you out there, I enjoy writing about something new for you guys.  I wish to the moms a very happy mother's day and God Bless you!

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