hello friends, today I want to talk about two out of so many of my favorites tools to work in my projects.

There is something needed and that is important to quilters, designers, cloth makers and all type of crafters that we can not denied: a great washable marker or washable pen.

I personally have used a couple of them that can be expensive and cheap, but there is on in special that I enjoy using so much and that I have bought for my mother's projects, the washable marker from rose art brand.  You usually can find it at the Office Depot, Walmart, target, and even better at Amazon that ships almost everywhere you need it.
The price is great, around $4.00 bucks for the whole box of 10 washable markers, so you have fun that last for a long time.

Why do I recommend it?

  1. It has a great price
  2. I have use it in all kind of different fabrics like cottons, knits, challis, etc. and I can honestly tell you that I have never had a spot left when I wash my fabric.

So I can tell you that you will have plenty of fun with not regrets. Below it is a picture of it, so you can have an idea.

This second tool that is very helpful and by the picture you can see why, is my lint roller.  I am kind of a clean freak, my friends can tell about it, I am not exaggerating about this subject, so when I am sewing if there's something that bothers me is having threads all over me or around my work place, so  along came my favorite lint roller that work wonders for me.  I have one in my work area and also in my car because there is nothing worse than black clothes with some sort of white lints around.  The brand I use is Scott brite and it is very cheap as well, I am very sure that all of you have one around.

This is an example that I was not kidding when I said that I used in all kinds of fabrics; here I was working in my recent pattern McCall 7162 and after I washed my fabric, there was not marker left.
You can go to Walmart or Jo Ann's and you will find some washable fabric markers that I have used but it won't last that much compare to this one, also I have hear so feedback from quilters hating it.  This I know that won't compromise your projects.

I hope you found these tips helpful, if you really like my blog, I invite you to subscribe with your email so you won't miss any of my post. If you feel like pin it, go ahead it makes me happy.

May God bless you and have a great day!

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