How to Use a Twin Needle

The Twin Needle

The twin needle can be used to finish the hem of your blouses, the hem of the sleeves and for decorative stiches in the garment.  In the picture above you can see me finishing the hem of my green tunic of 2 weeks ago, Usually I use a special machine for this purpose, but I could not let this tutorial scape from my hands, and it is here for you.

The twin Neddle

here are some tips for it use:
+  if your machine is automatic like mine, please don't use the automatic cutter neither to thread your machine, do all this manually.
+  Try to use it only with straight stich and zig zag Stiches.
+  try to use a foot for the machine that is precise just for it..  Mine works perfectly with the same foot of the single needle.

The process to use a twin needle

 In this picture to the left, I have to different places for the thread, Usually all the machines bring these two places.
My machine has numbers that indicate the different steps that I need to follow to thread the needles.
we need to make sure that we grab both threads at the same time and pull at the same time to avoid any tangling.
 Let's beging, I pass both threads under the step 1, and I will pass behind the cap to go to the number 2.
from number 2 at top, I will bring my threads down to number 3.

 Down from number 3, I will make an U bringing my threads up to number 4. go behind the cap of number 4 and bring my threads down in the same way to number 5.

Here we are in the step 5!

Secure the thread in the step 6 where it keeps your threads secure and ready to thread the needles

Listo!! it is ready.  Now all you have to do is to start sewing either in straight stitch or zigzag.
I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, if you guys make something with the help of my tutorials and tips, don't forget to tag me in facebook to see your project.
God Bless you!

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