Transition to fall

Hello my dear friends, finally is the time to transition into fall, here in Florida we don't get below the 80 degrees Fh yet, but as ridiculous as it sounds, I have seen people covered with jackets,high knee socks and even ear covers for the cold that we are not facing Yet.  Yes! I do laugh because I am a realistic person and you can not dress in this weather like an eskimo, better yet I am still loving my short pants and sandals.

I decided to get an outfit to start my transition into fall and I have designed and created my own pattern, which I love.  My fabric choice for this Blouse is a knit, very thin but I double layered with a white knit line just to give some texture to the fabric, I don't like thin fabrics an less is a crepe or chiffon.

If you like my Blouse and would like to have one the same style, I recommend the pattern V9204 from McCall or Vogue.

 Today at the shopping center somebody asked me if this was a Michael Kors shirt, and I answered him: not it is not Michael kors but Julie Harris Creations, so thank you for the compliment, you have made my day! Yes indeed.
Here are some recommendation for this Blouse:
Pattern you can get one similar with Vogue 9204
Fabric like mine at Joann fabric, Knit!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, if you have any ideas or enjoy my blog feel welcome to leave your messages around here.
Have a nice week and God Bless you all!

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