Shirts for little people!

Winter is here!

It is the time to enjoy the cool breeze in Florida and also to get the proper garment; this time I enjoyed my sewing time making some sweaters for my little guy who enjoyed every single piece I make for him as Much as my mother and sisters do.
This time I have worked with Kwik sew patterns K3150.


  • I highly recommend this pattern that run for sizes T1 to T4
  • I made two sweaters in French terry, which it has some stretch, softness and plenty of comfort for any person, in special my baby.
  • It fits him so well, I didn't have to do any changes at all.
I got my fabric at JoAnns fabric store, at $12 the yard, for one sweater you only need 18", my only advice for anyone working in this pattern is that they call rib knit for neck bands, wristbands and waist band. The rib knit has a lot of stretch and I like to make my whole shirt with the same fabric, so it is better to add 1/2" to the bands to have less struggle.

Here's my result!

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