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the zipper in the pants

Hello my dear readers, today I decided to bring a tutorial about how to install a zipper in pants.  Pants are very easy to make but most people struggle sewing the zipper in place and I don't blame them, because without a good technique or the proper instructions, your pants can be ugly and with lack of style just because you can really see the zipper while you are wearing them.
This tutorial is not only for those of you that want to make new pants, but also for those who want to change the zipper in a pair of pants that has it broken.
I decided to use this wonderful pattern from McCall 6756 and although, I love to make my own clothes under Julie Harris Creations brand and designs, most of my books and notebooks are in a storage room until our house in Georgia is built. I am placing plenty of pictures in the blog for this tutorial, so you guys can have a better idea of this project.

In this picture we have the front of the pattern which indicates where i am going to place the zip…

La corredera de un pantalon

Hola mis estimados lectores, en este dia quize preparar un tutorial de como poner la corredera de un pantalon.  si la tecnica empleada no es la mas eficiente, muy probablemente podras ver los dientes de la corredera cuando cuando te pongas el pantalon.   Ahora, este tutorial no es solo para aquellos que quieran hacer un pantalon, sino tambien para aquellos que hace mucho no se ponen un pantalon debido a que la corredera esta dañada.
Yo he usado este maravilloso patron de McCall 6756 que hace mucho tiempo lo tengo en mi stash de patrones y la verdad yo prefiero diseñar mis propios patrones pero lamentablemente todas mis notas y libros estan en un lugar de almacenamiento hasta que finalmente terminen la construccion de mi nueva casa, asi que decidi trabajar con este patron que es una maravilla.
Hacer un pantalon o shorts es muy facil, pero la razon por la que no todo el mundo realiza un buen pantalon es porque para ello se necesitan buenas tecnicas de ajustes. 
en este tutorial trate d…

Black and White petal Outfit

Petal sleeve shirt and stripe skirt
I worked so hard designing this skirt, the petal sleeves and the shirt.  The whole outfit is Me Made By Julie Harris Creations, it is enough with the hard work that I did on my moulage at the beginning of my pattern making classes with the teacher Suzzy Furrer, so after those classes and my dedication I can create whatever outfit that come to my mind.
The skirt and the shirt are both made with Jersey Knit from the store  these fabrics were a gift from my husband from the last valentine day  that we celebrated; because of my health issues and latest relocation to Georgia, Just now I get to enjoy them.
what do you think of my designs?! don't forget to comment and subscribe to my blog. 
God Bless You!

Blusa Petalo con falda a rayas
Les quiero hablar de lo mucho que disfrute haciendo este outfit de blusa petalo y falda de rayas blanca y negro.  Ambos la blusa y la falda fueron enteramente disenados por mi Juile Harris Creations, solo f…