A Vacation Memory

 A memory for Life

My husband, baby and I were in vacation with my husband's whole family; It was my MJ's first family vacation and I wanted to make it memorable for him in the years to come.
During our time spent at the beach with his grandparents and dad, we used to pick up shells and MJ collected them in a bucket. So I had this wonderful idea while having a breakfast picnic my son and I at the beach.

The lamp you can find it in a Target store or online www.target.com
this lamp is very easy to work with.

The lampshade needs to buy separate!

I washed the shells in fresh water and put them to air dry, meanwhile I brushed the dry shells with a clear polish nail to keep them shiny.
With a permanent marker I wrote the date of the family vacation and under the shell that I could recognize, I wrote the name of the person who found it for MJ.  This was the idea of  my mother in law.

  And this is the result!

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