The welt pocket

How I make my welt pocket

Here is to one single project that you can enjoy practicing until you make it perfect, and it will bring live to a garment.  This type of pocket are used in the pants, in the jackets and the same technique is used to make welt button holes in tailored jackets.

I started making a rectangle of 1/2" wide by 5' long and the middle line in the 1/4" of each line.

I needed two stripes of fabric of 1" wide by 6" inches long.  I like to make my stripes a little bit longer.  fold each piece of fabric like you see the second stripe in the 1/2" mark and then again with a marker spot your 1/4" pink line where you will be sewing. 

sew each stripe of fabric in the outside of the pant, placing the raw side in the middle line of the rectangle and sew in the 1/4" pink line.  Do the same with the other stripe and remember to leave the raw side of fabrics in the middle.

Here I have both pieces sewn in the 1/4" line mark with raw sides in the middle.

Now, I cut the middle line of the rectangle, separating the raw edges of the stripe of fabric. I don't cut to the end of the line, so 1/2" before the end of the pink line I dont cut straight but to one corner of the rectangle and the other. 

 This is where I mean don't cut straight but to each corner of the rectangle!

Now it is time to turn both raw edges of the stripe of fabric to the inside including the small tab at the end of the rectangle.

 It should look like this in the outside of the pants!

 This is how it looks in the interior of the pants.

This piece of fabric measure 6" wide by 10" long, this is going to be the lining of the pocket.

 Take one edge of the 6" wide and sew it to the top welt in the same line you have sewn previously.

This is how it looks for those who don't have an idea.

Now the other 6" wide part, sew it  to the bottom welt stripe in the same 1/4" line you sewn before.

 Now that the pocket lining is in place, you only have to sew the sides (R y L) making sure that you don't catch the pant fabric.  This picture below is my result!

So this is the result, Now we can just practice the technique over and over to make it perfect!

This is all for today, God Bless You!

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