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Vestido de Gala

Me Made Vogue 9053

I am loving this amazing dress that I made for my last New Years Eve and I never had the chance to post it in the blog after all the health issues that I have had, so finally I made it  happen.

Este es el vestido que me hice para la pasada celebracion del 31 de diciembre y nunca tuve la oportunidad de montar una foto en el blog debido a todos los pequenos problemas de salud que tuve, pero me da felicidad que finalmente ha sucedido.

 Fabric (tela): navy crepe Store: JoAnn Fabric Store Pattern (patron): V9053

Would I make this dress again? Totally and without thinking twice.  I love the vogue patterns, somehow I do think of them as more sophisticated and trouble free, obviously every sewer dream. About the fit, it is amazing.  I didn't have to make any changes at all and I even love the fact that the low neckline is perfect for my small breast and still elegant.

Haria este vestido de nuevo? totalmente y sin pensarlo dos veces.  Yo amo los patrones comerciales de …

Me Made Dress Vogue V1500

Hello my dear friends, do I look happy in this bright yellow dress? Well, yellow puts me in a very good mood, specially keeping in mind that summer is ending and we are the weather transition from summer to fall,  Sometimes we wake up to a cool morning and the day turns into a hot evening. 
Hola mis apreciados amigos, Les parezco feliz en este vestido Amarillo? A decir verdad, el amarillo suele darme un buen humor, especialmente ahora que estamos en la transición de verano a otoño, algunas veces nos despertamos a una mañana fría y a media mañana ya hace mucho calor. 

Here we have the dress without the belt, I consider it an option! Aquí tenemos el vestido sin cinturón, yo lo considero una opción! 

Fabric (tela): Linen Blend Store (tienda): Pattern ( patron): Vogue V1500 

Option #2  with the Belt / con el cinturón.

The pattern I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to make a fast and easy dress.  The pattern calls for a linen, crepe, ponte knit, and gabardine fabri…

Flannel shirt

Hello my dear friends, today I have the pleasure to finally post pictures of my outfit wearing the flannel shirt I made a few weeks ago, below you will find the details
Hola mis apreciados amigos, finalmente tengo el placer de postear algunas fotos de mi nueva blusa de flannel que hice hace algunas semanas atras, abajo encontraran los detalles.

Fabric (Tela): Flannel  Store (Tienda) : JoAnn Fabric Store Pattern (patron) : McCall's M6436

The pattern is something I will do over and over, it is a Plus size so I made one size smaller of mine.  There were no complications, it was an ease and amazing pattern.
El patrón es algo que yo haría muchísimas veces más, no hubo complicaciones y fue muy fácil de hacer.

I definitely enjoy wearing it as a soft light cover top!
Esta es una de las diferentes formas que la usare y mi favorita!

God Bless you!  /    Dios les Bendiga!
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Te  gusto el tema del b…

The welt pocket

How I make my welt pocket
Here is to one single project that you can enjoy practicing until you make it perfect, and it will bring live to a garment.  This type of pocket are used in the pants, in the jackets and the same technique is used to make welt button holes in tailored jackets.

I started making a rectangle of 1/2" wide by 5' long and the middle line in the 1/4" of each line.

I needed two stripes of fabric of 1" wide by 6" inches long.  I like to make my stripes a little bit longer.  fold each piece of fabric like you see the second stripe in the 1/2" mark and then again with a marker spot your 1/4" pink line where you will be sewing. 

sew each stripe of fabric in the outside of the pant, placing the raw side in the middle line of the rectangle and sew in the 1/4" pink line.  Do the same with the other stripe and remember to leave the raw side of fabrics in the middle.

Here I have both pieces sewn in the 1/4" line mark with raw sides…