My First Dress in 2008

Hello my dear friends, Today I would love to tell you about my ever first dress but first I would love to tell you which one is me.  The one with the navy blue dress, the one in black is my twin, which I love with my whole Heart.

I am that girl that loves languages so I have taught myself English, Italian and Slowly getting Portuguese; I honestly spend so much time from one doctor appointment to another one that I have not had enough time to sit down to study because the leisure time I have spend it with my sewing machine and my son.  About sewing I am self taught as well, it  all stared 9 years ago in Colombia when the mother in law of my sister gave me a book to sew and in exchange I gave her the book  in which I learned Italian.

That strapless navy dress was self drafted, it had no boning and it still had an amazing fit.  My mom usually   remind me of how beautiful it was and she pushes me more and more to make cute garments. Today I feel like I have learned so much more, patience is the key of my work.

The little girl in the middle with big heels is my little sister, 5 years younger than my twin and I.
I enjoy self drafting my garments and that picture right there remark the begging of my experience. 

I really wanted to tell you about it, so in case you think you can not sew or make a garment, Just remember we all start at some point and the experience grows with the practice.
So often I need to look at my projects because not having a designer college certificate can make me feel insecure, but then I look at my projects and compare them with the projects of someone who went to college  to be a designer and Then I realize I have nothing to feel insecure about.

God Bless you!

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