making button holes

Back to Basics - Making Button holes

I have named these tutorials to come back to basics and the purpose of them is to get to those people who are for first time working in a sewing machine, I want you to know that the process is not completely difficult but instead is wonderful and lots of fun at least that is the way my 3 years old baby and I see it.

All you need is :
  • Thread 
  • Bobbin
  • special button hole foot for your machine
  • The button in the size you will be working on
  • Your shirt!

Mark the place where you will be sewing your button holes, also make sure the size is correct.  Button holes are 1/8" bigger than the button going through them.

Choose the button hole shape you want, here I like the oval ending instead of the rectangle.
If your machine is not as updated as mine, in one of the button of your machine you will find how to make yours button holes by steps. 
For example in the picture below you can find numbers 4-16 to 4-19 in the screen of my sewing machine and those are exactly the same figures you will find in the button of your sewing machine, you only have to position your wheel in the step you need once your are finished with the previous one. 

Now and very important the button foot; you can see where I placed my button making sure it is tight close and ready to attach to the machine.

Here my Job all done!

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