tweed Jacket

Hello my dear friends, Here I am again with a vogue pattern and the famous tweed jacket. I don't know what happens with me but I am such a vogue pattern lover, I honestly go just for it most of the time but, I am opening my ways to new searches and wonderful pattern makers that other people like you talk about them in Instagram and your blogs.

The reason behind this jacket is very simple, in a vacation many years ago to Panama beach I saw that cute fabric store and after so much bridal fabric I found this one and it was the last remaining of it, so as many of you I grabbed all and walk to the car as proud as I could be, so after that came the idea of the jacket one day while searching classes in craftsy and I saw my teacher has one very similar to mine, so it was a must and finally it is here. 

If you ever get to my closet you will find plenty of blazers, it is part of my outfit statement if that is possible.  I do have blazers for running, to make outfit with my jeans, to work and just the fact that gives me a hint of elegance while wearing jeans.

I love this fabric and its many colors, maybe many of you din't imagine that it could combine with a very bright yellow shirt but in the threads of this tweed there are pink, black, blue, green and obviously yellow that makes this jacket a runner of many outfits. 
my main idea is to wear it with a black sheet dress that I haven't made yet and that I need it so bad..... 

About the pattern, if you see it, take it! I love it.  I can not tell you that I had to make any changes to it.  Most of the work is related to the fabric that you use; also it has a wonderful princess seams that make any adjustments a breeze.  The sleeve pattern is a 2 pieces sleeve so it is very easy but if you are looking for a sleeve with the 3 pieces you can adapt it or I might suggest the patterns from 2 amazing designers:

  1. Claire Shaeffer
  2. Susan Kalje
There are plenty of options out there for an amazing, cute and loving project.  My next step is to make the black dress and a skirt of the same tweet fabric... All I need is time.

Don't forget to tell me what do you think about it and follow me in my social media.  God Bless You!

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