recicle the style of your shirts

Recicle the style of your shirts

Hello friends of my blog, today I am writing a post in how to recicle the old fashion sport shirt into a different one, more fresh, modern and practical.
This tutorial is directed to those women who enjoy running or jogging at the gym or like little deer in the field like me, this post  garantees that you dont have to buy a new shirt but having almost a new one with just a little twist in style.
The reason I am making this tutorial is because I know you pleople love DIY projects, also because the weather is getting much nicer in some states of the country and in some other states is just warmer.Let's just say that people from Texas would understand me perfectly.

take a cotton shirt with sleeves because we are going to refashion it, we will take off the sleeve to make it fresher and modern, it will give us the opportunity to sweat and still be fresh and odorless, we can get a tan while running out and feel free.
it is time to put on your shirt and let somebody help you if you dont have a manequi like me, it is better using the help of somebody else but in my position, my big little helper could not make a good line or curve, not even in his dreams Lol, he is only 2 years old.
the idea here is to make a half moon like you can see in the picture above.  You will start in middle of the shoulder line and make your half moon finishing under the arm at least 1/2" below the seam. continue all the way to the front sean trying to conect to the middle of the shoulder line again.

Just like I am showing you in the picture above, finish your new front seam line.
Next we will put together the front with front and the back with the back; use your pins to make sure that  both of your sides are going to be acurately the same.

In this picture above, I give you and idea of what i am talking about putting front with front and back to back. 
In our following step we are going to attach some clear elastic around the arm seams like we do in swimsuits, using a zig zag 3.5 wide and 2.5 long.  Measure your armhole and cut the elastic band as long as your armhole, and proced to sew it.  we are attaching elastic to the armhole to provide some strenght to the seam and also some texture.

After you sew the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric, fold your seam under and sew it again to make your you have a bold and clean seam.

 This is the way my shirt looks and I definately enjoy this new style while jogging with my baby today.  I really like the fact that I get some color in my while running, because having a baby it is really difficult to go just lay down to get my tan. So mean while, I will enjoy it this way.

I hope all of you enjoy my tutorial, If it is God's will, I will bring another one very soon!
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God Bless you!

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