Tips to fix pants


Hello my dear friends, this week I am coming with a post to fix pants, the thing it is that there are many ways to fix clothes and this one I am writing about today, it is very easy and simple.

Everything started because  a friend of mine asked me to fix her pants, they were in a very good price so that she could not let it go off her hands, but she didn't like so much the wide legs. so I asked her to come to my house and I will fix them, but honestly with our babies schedule it is very difficult to get there when the other person is available. So I asked her: give me a pair of pants that you like entirely and from than point I will fix your pants.  So that is the way it worked for us.

  • put your bigger pants under the pant that you really like because we are going to take your favorite as a pattern.
  • match hips and waistbands.
  • make sure the seam at the outseam are totally flat.  sometimes they can get baggy underneath.
  • match your crotch area.
  • with a fabric pen or chalk, mark the area of the leg that you want to fix.
  • also it will be great at this point to know If you want your pant longer or like the one with are using as reference.
now it is the time to cut the length of the pant before you cut the area that you don't like, go ahead and sew fist, so you can leave some seam allowance for your serger or zig zag to finish the edges.
As ease as it sounds, not every single pant you can fix it this way, specially those on fashion last year 2015 with a bell shape and the base of them. those bell shape boot are necessary to open the seam of the inside and outseam, if that is your situation, you will see it very clear.

I hope you enjoy my post, God Bless you! and don't forget to subscribe.

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