tips to work with a princess seam

Hello friends, here I am with another tip while working in my pattern Vogue 9100. It is a beautiful pattern with princess seams that can scared or intimidate some people, so here is one on my tips to make it much easier.
To start, the princess seam is divided in 2 or 3 pieces which 2 sides and one center piece. So the sides pieces are very round, it is not a flat seam so you need to rotate the fabric while sewing and for that you need to put the right piece under the other.

Let see in the next picture the 2 pieces, side piece and center one.

Here you can see much better, the left piece #5 is the side and round one, and the right piece #1 is CF cutted in the fold, notice the piece #1 is more straight than the #5. So to sew this pieces together you need to put the flat #1 under the #5 for some reasons:

1.  When the piece #1 is under the feed dogs of the sewing machine will give some stretch that will help match the round piece. 

2.  It is easier to move or rotate the round piece on the top forming the nice bubble you need to snuggle the breast.

Here there is a nice idea of how to do it!

You will see in my video that you can not sew it straight forward, you will need to rotate the fabric keeping both edges together wit the same seam allowance; and in the picture below you will see in my princess seam a little bubble for the breast? That is right! You want to have it, because it is going to snuggle your breast. It can not be flat or it will look like a cat with whiskers.

I hope you liked my tip, come back and visit my blog for new tips and tutorials. 
God Bless you!

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