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A Vacation Memory

A memory for Life My husband, baby and I were in vacation with my husband's whole family; It was my MJ's first family vacation and I wanted to make it memorable for him in the years to come. During our time spent at the beach with his grandparents and dad, we used to pick up shells and MJ collected them in a bucket. So I had this wonderful idea while having a breakfast picnic my son and I at the beach.

The lamp you can find it in a Target store or online this lamp is very easy to work with.

The lampshade needs to buy separate!

I washed the shells in fresh water and put them to air dry, meanwhile I brushed the dry shells with a clear polish nail to keep them shiny. With a permanent marker I wrote the date of the family vacation and under the shell that I could recognize, I wrote the name of the person who found it for MJ.  This was the idea of  my mother in law.

  And this is the result!

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Toddlers Shirt

Me Made
fabric (tela) : Ponte Knit / tela elastica Pattern (patron): Kwik K3150 Store (tienda): 

My boy loves when I sew something new for him; Every time I am sewing something he asks if it is for him, so finally he got one for him.  my favorite K3150 the pattern is with long sleeves but I adjusted with short sleeves for the transition from summer to fall.

Mi hijo hermoso ama preguntarme  si el proyecto que estoy haciendo es para el, asi que finalmente tuve que hacerle uno. Este es el patron comercial K3150 de kwik sew en McCall, trae mangas largas pero yo se las ajuste a manga corta para la transicion de verano a otoño.

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Bias Tape

Bias tape to Finish necklines and sleeve Hems
I have some joy making this top with McCall's pattern M7323, because it has a style clean and simple that allows  me the pleasure to play with my fabric and its different prints.
to finish the neckline and the sleeve hems, I decide to add some bias tape that I did myself from a left over fabric in my stash, instead of just folding the hem.
How I do my bias tape first, the bias tape it is a strip as wide as you need It but it needs to be cut in a 45 degree angle.  If you have not much Idea, some of my pictures will help.

For example in the picture to the left, I have a square of fabric, it doesn't matter at this point where is the length wise because we are going to need a 45 degree angle. so we are going to make it happen!

Here It is! to remember some basic math, if you draw an arrow from the center to the top of the fabric square, it is a 0 degree. + drawing another arrow from the center at the + right side of the square, you wil…

Cinta Bies

Cinta en Bies para Cuellos y borde de las mangas
Hace poco hice esta blusa que me ha gustado muchisimo, el character que tiene ese encaje de seguro que le brinda elegancia, pero no podria dejar de mencionar que lo que mas me cautiva es el detalle del cuello y mangas que fue terminado en cinta en bies de una tela que me sobró.  Para este top he usado el patron de McCall's 7323 con la unica modificacion que le puse bies en cuello y mangas.
como hacer tu cinta bies para terminar tus cuellos y mangas
lo primero que hay que tener en cuenta es que para hacer la cinta en bies, se debe cortar en un Angulo de 45 grados. si no recuerdas mucho esta informacion matematica, quizas mis fotos te ayuden.

Aqui tenemos un cuadrado sin importer cual es el largo o el ancho de la tela.  si dividimos este cuadrado en 4 partes iguales o como forma de cruz (+) , cuando miramos hacia arriba este será el Angulo 0 grados. cuando nos desplazamos hacia la derecho de la cruz, alli estara el Angulo 90 grados. …

como coser telas con listas o lineas!

Yo he estado aprendiendo de la costura y cosiendo por mas de 7 años, más aun recuerdo como si fuera ayer cuando comencé.  Mi abuelita estuvo trabajando en la costura casi toda su vida pero cuando los nietos llegaron ella lo dejo a un lado para dedicarnos su maravilloso tiempo; Yo personalmente lo he apreciado muchisimoporque de ella aprendi unas de las cosas mas importantes en mi vida.Mi abuelita es un maravilloso ejemplo de una persona Cristiana, de esas que ya no se encuentran a menudo. Asi que como venia escribiendo el tiempo en las costura es algo que corre por mis venas. Muchas de las mujeres en mi familia en su mayoria tienen una maquina de coser, asi que cuando yo decidi embarcar en este maravilloso arte ya tenia una maquina disponible.Yo aprendi a hacer mis primeros patrones con un libro regalado y de inmediato mi abuelita y todas las mujeres de la familia comenzaron a regalarme sus tips pero todo cambio aquel dia en que mi abuelito llego con un para de pantalones para que le…

How to work with stripes

I have been sewing and learning for more than 7 years now and to me it seems like it was yesterday when I first started.  My grandma has been sewing her whole life but once her grandchildren came along she stopped sewing to give us her unique and most beautiful time. 
I personally appreciate her so much for everything that she did specially for being a wonderful Christian example that you don’t find very often around anymore. So sewing is in my veins like we said in Colombia.  My grandma, aunts and mom own a sewing machine so when I was decided to learn, I had that tool handy.  So I got a book and start learning how to make my own patterns, my grandma started telling me her story of how she learned, how far sewing took her in life and why she quit; all the ladies ( my mom, aunts and grandma)  started giving me support and tips to succeed.  My grandpa was my first bait ajajajajaj yes, he was the first one who trusted me his pants to replace the zipper and I have never changed a zipper…