Cross Strap Dress

Hello my friends, today in my blog is this dress that I am so excited to present to you!
I have been working in this wonderful pattern from the designer Nicola Finetti from Vogue V1498 and I am so happy to tell you all about it and the process to the result in the pictures that you will find attached below.

To begin with, once I saw this wonderful pattern, all I wanted was to make it, so my instincts took my to Joann fabric store and  let me tell you that once I saw this amazing and cool fabric I was hooked.  This is a knit wool, the fabric is medium weight with approximately 20% stretch, it has a charcoal color, soft to the touch and to work with it is a dream.  I went back to JoAnn's store for more fabric, I thought I would love some pants in this fabric, well, it was gone.  So I most probably would have to search it in internet.

About the pattern, I going to provides the following notes:

  1. I am 5' 6" and this pattern is quite long in me, if I make another dress I must shorten the length.
  2. the pattern calls for Knits fabric like ponte Knit, gabardine, pique and by working with it, I don't find the need for the knits fabrics because with the big leg opening, you get plenty of allowance to move.
  3. I had to reduce this pattern in the sides by 1/2" all the way in the seam allowance.

I must tell I loved this pattern and the result but there is something I totally will change and it is in the lining; there is a piece of this pattern that will hang from the waist where there is not support, so instead Next time I would make and extension so It will be sewn under the breast area and avoid the line at the waistline when walking.

Overall this is a wonderful pattern but the first time it was like trying to solve a puzzle, maybe there are plenty of you guys out there that sure are smarter than me to make this one pain free, but that was the only complain I had, I which the pictures would have been much more helpful.
I am going to attach some pictures of the inside of the dress so you would have an idea of how much is behind that you can not really see.

Let me know what exactly do you think about the pattern, the pictures, the outfit and don't forget to follow me in facebook and Instagram.  You would find the links under my profile here in the blog.

Have a nice day and God Bless you all!

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