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Side Wrap Skirt

If there is the chance to make something amazing, casual, modest and a bit sexy , I am up to it.  And that is what this post is all about.
Today I have in my hands that amazing vogue pattern that I didn't know it was going to turn so cool.  I got my inspirations from Pinterest and definitely I didn't know that gingham was going to be on trend when I bought my fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I feel quite Blessed with the result.


Pattern vogue v9172 It has pockets!fabric is a navy/sand gingham that I got at Hobby Lobby.The pattern itself is amazing, I didn't have to make any alterations and as usual I made the size 14 which it has my measurements.

what did I tell you about a bit sexy, modest, casual and amazing! what a project.  I love it and would make it again in a heart bit.  I hope you guys found this post inspirational.
Have a nice week and God Bless You all!

Cascade Details

Who doesn't love a shirt with a hidden placket and a beautiful cascade as a cute little detail? Well, if you are one of those people who hates uniforms and enjoy standing up around your peers, You would love this shirt.  I enjoy  making it with 3/4 sleeves because I like to have a closet that can be useful year round,  practically.
PATTER INFORMATION I love it and I would love to make it again.  This pattern has cool options like cascade of ties and long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, You decided.I really need a full length mirror to match my clothes to my body shape, but after wearing the shirt, I realize that I better make some dart in the back so I don't hide my figure under that beautiful shirt.pattern is Butterick B6488 version AFabric: is a shirting fabric bought in my last trip to Cartagena, Colombia. that fabric is amazing, it doesn't need much ironing and it is very breathable.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy this hiding placket is because buying buttons is quite a job…

My Love for this Vest

Hello my dear friends, I have been a little busy here lately because my little boy started Pre-K  and after I ask God in prayers for a job, he gave me one and did not forget any single detail.  So I have been working out of home and at home for the family, I might have less time for the sewing machine but I do it one step at a time.   Here is one of my recent projects, this vest I have wanted to make it for quite a while but the time never came and I didn't find the fabric color that I wanted.  While searching in for fabric I saw this  sandy twill and I decided to give it a try.  So here it is! 

PATTERN INFO The Pattern is Vogue V8931 and not alterations were needed.I made size 14 which is my actual measurements.I would love to make it again, I would have to think of a great color because I already have one blackFabric store: Fabric.comFabric Choice: twill (sand)

This vest is meant for my sport casual outfits of fall, hopefully I will get creative and make another one wi…

Cocktail Dress

Hello my dear friends, here I am again with a cute pattern but even better yet, exquisite fabric that I have been looking for at least a year. Ever since I saw the pattern from McCall 6696 I knew that I wanted to make it just like the one in the cover but I could not find the fabric to make it just like that. One day in a trip to Atlanta, My husband let me down at Joann's Store to see what was new and there I found my fabric and wait! ...... in 70% discount, from $29 dollars I paid $9 dollar per yard.  So believe me, I was really happy that day.  I have treated this dress with so much care and I have enjoyed every part of making it.

 PATTERN DETAILS Fabric: Special occasion fabricStore: JoAnn StorePattern: M6696

 .    L  

Pattern Review: I love it and can not wait to make it again but probably with different features. I did not make any changes to the pattern and I did sew the size 14 which it has all my measurements.
I hope this dress can motivate some of you to make it and hopef…

Fun or Work Outfit

Semi Circular Skirt  Hello my dear friends, Here are the pictures of my latest skirt; If you must know I have a hate/ love relationship with skirts because I love them but I don't look good in all of them, You must know what I am talking about.  However, after I made this skirt I was not feeling it but I decided to change the top to match  the skirt and then I felt in love with it.  Below you will find the pictures of my two different outfits, I called them either fun outfit or work outfit.

 Details of skirtPattern: Burda Style 6904  Fabric: Mustard Linen Blend Store: Joann Store
I have learned some tips about working with linen so it will wrinkle less once you wash the fabric or garment, You will find them soon in my blog. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and details about this skirt, you will find the pattern in the stands of the store.  soon I will post some tips about working with linen in my blog. 
Have a nice day and God Bless You! xxoo

Summer Outfit!

Beach Time

Hello dear friends, today with my last post for summer outfits, at least in my plans.  However, sewing summer outfits is something I do during the whole year because I am always waiting for cute patterns and wonderful inspirations to sew more beach outfits.  And yes! at the end that is what it matters to me, hot weather and beach;  It might has to do a lot because I am a tropical bird. I was born in a warm city with tropical weather in Colombia.
So for this last summer project I have made the pattern M7756 from McCall pattern company; it is portrayed as a not bra outfit, so it might not be convenient for  every body's taste. however in Colombia there is a saying that in English it does not rhyme: " the fashion trends are not uncomfortable" aka " la moda no incomoda".  anyways, it is not really true, walking the streets of Colombia you can find lots of people that could use fashion etiquette for certain body types.
here it is my outfit: 

 Outfit Detai…

The Jessica Dress

Pattern by Mimi G
Dear friends, here I am today with a cute dress and new favorite pattern from Mimi G Style.  A few months ago she gave this pattern for free and I jumped in and got mine, It was a downloadable file, you can print it at home or at a store.  It runs by letter sizes like S, M, L etc.  I cut the size M and even thou the pattern call for only 0.3 mm I had to sew a lot more than that to fit me.  I love this pattern, I am ready to make it much more of what I thought at the beginning, it is easy, simple and elegant; you can make the skirt in many different lengths of  your preference and me personally, I feel the dress can be used all year, spring, summer and fall.  You can add a simple Torero or a long sleeve shirt under the dress and you will be warm if needed.  Here is the mine!

DETAILSPATTERN: The Jessica Dress by Mimi G Style
FABRIC: It is a wonderful poplin ( I love it)
NOTES: I want you guys to know, just in case any of you love the fabric as much as I …

A Sexy Dress

Twist Front Dress

Hello my dear friends, today in my blog I am introducing another sexy dress that was totally handmade by me, fitted to contour my body and red that is my favorite color.  The pattern is from the McCall company, I enjoyed and I would love to make another one;There was only one single fitting adjustment that I made at the waist area in the back pattern, so look in the notes below and I will give you more details. 

PATTERN:  McCall M7429
FABRIC: Red scuba knit
FABRIC STORE: Jo-Ann fabric store in Kennesaw.

This dress have not darts to make fitting adjustments and I also knit fabrics with dart looks kind of awkward.  So what we can do since this pattern is not cut on fold is: right around the waist line in the center back you are going to make half a dart with bowed lines instead of straight lines, just because the curves makes the adjustment softer.
I adjust my pattern and dresses to my body, Instead of trying to adjust my body to ridiculous measurem…

Less Boring Tops

Me Made M6963
Hello my dear friends, today in my blog the example of less boring shirts and more casual outfits.
Today I bring to you the pattern made by Palmer Pletsch M6963 in McCall's Pattern Company, I must say that it is not a very tight fit, it is quite loose the main reason why I chose to make this pattern but also the necklace make it very casual and sophisticated. 
I love making tops and the main reason is because usually I wear lot of pants, so I need something that brings out my creativity and reminds me of what I am capable of with my talent. I would love to make more skirts and that is a future goal but by now that I expend 90% of my day running after my son, biking and flipping ourselves around, I think it is best if I can keep my butt covered ☺☺☺.

Fabric : knit floral bouquet 
Fabric Store:
Pattern: M6963 
I have years buying from this store, this is not sponsored commercial but I wanted you to know that it is a place you can trust.

I would love to make thi…

A Pink Tunic

For shirt/tunic lovers
Hello my dear friends, today for you is the review of this beautiful tunic or shirt that many women are loving for the comfort that it bring to us; I must say that it provides plenty of space to move our bodies around while still it has a good fit, so I would not call it an over sized shirt.
Before starting to sew this shirt, I washed the fabric to prevent any shrinking of the fabric after the garment is done, because when it happens, it is so terrible.  So while the fabric did not shrink, I did saw some whitish spots in the fabric when I was taking out of the washer  machine and I thought that was ruined, well it was spots of fabric that have been drying already, so guess what???  this fabric is just perfect material for those hot summers.    Good to know! 

Fabric: shirting fabric  fabric store: local fabric store in Cartagena, Colombia. Pattern: Vogue 1509 from McCalls Embroidery: It is an Elephant built in the emboridery memory of my brother sewing machine 


Little Black Dress

Outfit for any occasion!
Hello my dear friends, today I have the pleasure to bring my new black dress that finally I could incorporate into my wardrobe.   It is such a need to have a black casual attire; And during the month November of 2017 I had to get in my closet, give away garments that didn't fit me any more and those that I really don't wear.  So after such a hard task, I made a list of things that I need and the black dress was top #1.  

Information  about the dressPattern: from McCall M6920, which I love and I plan on sewing it again. I made the version D without sleeves.
the fabric:  is a beautiful black scuba knit, also it is a medium weight. 
Store:  from Jo Ann stores. 

I hope you all like my post, you will find the links of the pattern and fabric above in information.  I will be back soon with new projects, Until then  God Bless you!  xxoo

Bedding Set For my Son

The Quilt Hello my dear friends and readers, finally I am back at my Blog after some months of only appearing in the Julie Harris Creations Facebook and in the Instagram account; The reason behind all that is because finally we got to moved to our new house and organizing and putting everything in place, just me and a 4 years old toddler is a lot. So here we are! making the new bed decor for my son, which I have managed to make it myself ever since he was born and now that he is a toddler was time for a new face and bigger bed.  
I have to tell you this is my first Quilt ever so in the pictures below, I hope you enjoy my experience, the result of my hard work and also some tips and sources that made all this possible.
As usual the information:
size of the quilt: full Dr Seuss fabric: JoAnn Stores blue and red fabric: JoAnn Stores  batting for a quilt: warm and white full size spray adhesive brand :  spray and bond

My mitered corners I learned it from a class I took with Eileen Roche in C…