tweed Jacket

Hello my dear friends, Here I am again with a vogue pattern and the famous tweed jacket. I don't know what happens with me but I am such a vogue pattern lover, I honestly go just for it most of the time but, I am opening my ways to new searches and wonderful pattern makers that other people like you talk about them in Instagram and your blogs.

The reason behind this jacket is very simple, in a vacation many years ago to Panama beach I saw that cute fabric store and after so much bridal fabric I found this one and it was the last remaining of it, so as many of you I grabbed all and walk to the car as proud as I could be, so after that came the idea of the jacket one day while searching classes in craftsy and I saw my teacher has one very similar to mine, so it was a must and finally it is here. 

If you ever get to my closet you will find plenty of blazers, it is part of my outfit statement if that is possible.  I do have blazers for running, to make outfit with my jeans, to work and just the fact that gives me a hint of elegance while wearing jeans.

I love this fabric and its many colors, maybe many of you din't imagine that it could combine with a very bright yellow shirt but in the threads of this tweed there are pink, black, blue, green and obviously yellow that makes this jacket a runner of many outfits. 
my main idea is to wear it with a black sheet dress that I haven't made yet and that I need it so bad..... 

About the pattern, if you see it, take it! I love it.  I can not tell you that I had to make any changes to it.  Most of the work is related to the fabric that you use; also it has a wonderful princess seams that make any adjustments a breeze.  The sleeve pattern is a 2 pieces sleeve so it is very easy but if you are looking for a sleeve with the 3 pieces you can adapt it or I might suggest the patterns from 2 amazing designers:

  1. Claire Shaeffer
  2. Susan Kalje
There are plenty of options out there for an amazing, cute and loving project.  My next step is to make the black dress and a skirt of the same tweet fabric... All I need is time.

Don't forget to tell me what do you think about it and follow me in my social media.  God Bless You!

Cross Strap Dress

Hello my friends, today in my blog is this dress that I am so excited to present to you!
I have been working in this wonderful pattern from the designer Nicola Finetti from Vogue V1498 and I am so happy to tell you all about it and the process to the result in the pictures that you will find attached below.

To begin with, once I saw this wonderful pattern, all I wanted was to make it, so my instincts took my to Joann fabric store and  let me tell you that once I saw this amazing and cool fabric I was hooked.  This is a knit wool, the fabric is medium weight with approximately 20% stretch, it has a charcoal color, soft to the touch and to work with it is a dream.  I went back to JoAnn's store for more fabric, I thought I would love some pants in this fabric, well, it was gone.  So I most probably would have to search it in internet.

About the pattern, I going to provides the following notes:

  1. I am 5' 6" and this pattern is quite long in me, if I make another dress I must shorten the length.
  2. the pattern calls for Knits fabric like ponte Knit, gabardine, pique and by working with it, I don't find the need for the knits fabrics because with the big leg opening, you get plenty of allowance to move.
  3. I had to reduce this pattern in the sides by 1/2" all the way in the seam allowance.

I must tell I loved this pattern and the result but there is something I totally will change and it is in the lining; there is a piece of this pattern that will hang from the waist where there is not support, so instead Next time I would make and extension so It will be sewn under the breast area and avoid the line at the waistline when walking.

Overall this is a wonderful pattern but the first time it was like trying to solve a puzzle, maybe there are plenty of you guys out there that sure are smarter than me to make this one pain free, but that was the only complain I had, I which the pictures would have been much more helpful.
I am going to attach some pictures of the inside of the dress so you would have an idea of how much is behind that you can not really see.

Let me know what exactly do you think about the pattern, the pictures, the outfit and don't forget to follow me in facebook and Instagram.  You would find the links under my profile here in the blog.

Have a nice day and God Bless you all!

tecnica para bolsillos prfectos

Hola amigogs, hoy les quiero mostrar las tecnicas que uso para realizar bolsillos perfectos.
Recuerdan el vestido amarillo con bolsillos tipo safari? 

Estos son los pasos muy sencillos para lograrlo: 

Lo primiero que hago es coser  por toda la linea de costura que para mi son  1.5 cms, asi como ven en la foto de abajo.   La razon por la que hago esta costura es para que al meter el espacio de costura hacia adentro, las puntas curvadas o redondas del bolsillo no se pierdan y ademas esta costura me sirve de guia.

Ahora con una puntada a mano, voy metiendo la costura hacia adentro teniendo en cuenta de no perder las curvas de las esquinas.  En realidad realizar este paso es un dolor de cabeza menos porque al plancharlo y posicionarlo en su lugar no hay que lidiar con las curvas.

En la foto de abajo les muestro com queda el bolsillo del lado derecho; logicamente esta puntada a mano es solo temporal mientras que lo plancho y lo paso por la maquina.

Ahora es el turno de las solapas, mis favoritas por el hecho de que son muy lindas, elegantes y sofisticadas;  definitivamente le dan un look diferente a un simple bolsillo. 
A diferencia del bolsillo esta solapa lleva dos capas de tela, las cuales van reves con reves  y hago una puntada a maquina por los 1.5 cms de costura.

Luego de coserlo a maquina, le hago pespuntes con la tijera en diagonal desde el borde de la tela hasta justo antes de la costura (ojo no cortar la costura)
la razon detras de las cortar en diagonales es para relajar la tension en las curvas y reducir el abultamiento de la costura al voltear el lado reves hacia adentro.
Antes de olvidarlo, en toda la punta del bolsillo hago un corte de V invertido, justo para evitar embultamiento.

En la foto de abajo ya tengo mi bolsillo al derecho y hago un top stitch (puntada superior) como decoracion.   

Este es como lucen mis bolsillos y solapas en el vestido amarillo!

En las fotos de abajo les quiero mostrar el interior del vestido con su forro.

Espero les sea util estas tecnicas para hacer mejores bolsillos y solapas!
Dios les Bendiga xxoo

Nice pockets!

Hello, Here I am showing you how do I achieve my perfect  pockets and why  having good techniques will make them look more  professional.

Do you remember the pockets in my yellow dress? 
These are the step I follow :

My first step is to sew stitch all around my 5/8" of seam allowance as you see in the picture below.  Now the reason I do that is to keep the shape of the pocket equal and to guide me;  A 3.5 stitch length work for me.  

Now I hand baste the seam to the inside taking care of the ease in the corners and making sure I don't mess the curvy bottom.  Once you will try it it will make a whole lot difference.

This picture below is how it looks in the front. Obviously that black thread there is just to hold it together while I iron the pocket and sew it to the dress.

Now the flap of the pocket, in the picture below.  This flap has curves and pointy corner, so what I do is to sew the two layers of fabric around the 5/8" seam allowance , then in the curve lines I like to cut to and not through the stitch line and in the corner I cut a V so when I turn the flap inside out, it is not bulky .
The purpose of the cuts in the curve line, is to ease the tension in that area.

In the picture below I show how the curves are still there laying soft and relax and in the point there is not bulk.

 This is how finally all my pockets and flaps look!

 In the two pictures below I just want to show the interior of the dress.

I hope you enjoy these cute tips about making better pockets and flaps.  
God Bless you!

My First Dress in 2008

Hello my dear friends, Today I would love to tell you about my ever first dress but first I would love to tell you which one is me.  The one with the navy blue dress, the one in black is my twin, which I love with my whole Heart.

I am that girl that loves languages so I have taught myself English, Italian and Slowly getting Portuguese; I honestly spend so much time from one doctor appointment to another one that I have not had enough time to sit down to study because the leisure time I have spend it with my sewing machine and my son.  About sewing I am self taught as well, it  all stared 9 years ago in Colombia when the mother in law of my sister gave me a book to sew and in exchange I gave her the book  in which I learned Italian.

That strapless navy dress was self drafted, it had no boning and it still had an amazing fit.  My mom usually   remind me of how beautiful it was and she pushes me more and more to make cute garments. Today I feel like I have learned so much more, patience is the key of my work.

The little girl in the middle with big heels is my little sister, 5 years younger than my twin and I.
I enjoy self drafting my garments and that picture right there remark the begging of my experience. 

I really wanted to tell you about it, so in case you think you can not sew or make a garment, Just remember we all start at some point and the experience grows with the practice.
So often I need to look at my projects because not having a designer college certificate can make me feel insecure, but then I look at my projects and compare them with the projects of someone who went to college  to be a designer and Then I realize I have nothing to feel insecure about.

God Bless you!

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